Soul Voice

2 day SINGING seminar with Gitama & Kabir

along the many years of studying, learning and teaching music, it became clear to us that the main important ingredient for art is to be connected to the source of creativity.

That is why we call this work Soul voice.

this workshop will help you to find your voice and bring awareness to the body and soul. In a playful way we will guide you into known and unknown realms of your embodiment.

when we come in deep contact with silence we enter the foundation of manifestation and harmony.

from there the beauty and joy of expression will arise easily and authentically.

the focus here is to discover and experience your voice and to become more self-confident and able to express yourself in various ways.

we use yoga, dance,Tai Chi movements and meditation to reconnect with our real being and from there we sing in spontaneous improvisation and song.

let yourself be surprised by your own melodies.

everybody is born with an individual soul voice, although in your upbringing it might have been judged or not supported.

this work is beneficial for both singers and also for people who believe are not able to sing.