Pacha Mama Recording Studio

The Pacha Mama studio is located few minutes from the Pacha Mama village in the hilly forest in tranquil nature solitude.

The perfect situation for recording music without distractions from the outside.

The studio is a 40squaremeter construction, octagon shaped and entirely built with natural materials like wood,clay(rammed earth)and natural paint.

There is a regieroom with all the tools for professional recording and a separate recording room  divided by 2 big glass windows. Also a little terrace for taking a break and hanging out is available.

The vision for the studio is to attract talented musicians from all nations to create good music to dance, celebrate, meditate and heal …

Since the studio is so closely connected to the Pacha Mama village,

there is always opportunity to invite local musicians to add to an ongoing production and to contribute to the community by sharing life music while you stay.



Here some technical facts

Studio gear includes:

Latest computer hardware with g7quadroprocessor and flash disc

Motu firewire audio interface

Mackie onyx 1620 mixer with audio interface which allows 18channel recording directly into pc

Genelec monitors peakers

8 channel headphone amplifier

Rhode nk2 valve microphone

Akg 451

Several overhead and diverse micros

Roland master keyboard

Windows 7/64bit

Cubase sx 5 professional studio software plus tons of great plug ins

Several acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, tambouras and more……