learned to play the silver flute early in her life.  Later she began to work with the Indian bamboo flute(bansuri) and studied voice. She  is a Yoga and meditation teacher and therapist for biodynamic craniosacraltherapy and massage.


is a passionate musician,plays guitar and the Indian sitar. He sings, composes and is a music producer, working in his own recording studio. He is a Yoga and meditation teacher and refined body worker.


Our passion for the truth made us travel several times to India and brought us 1999 to Pacha Mama(Costa Rica), a spiritual growth community. here we work as musicians and therapists, playing live music for communal events, leading singing circles and singing seminars. We travel  every year for about 3 months with different music projects in Europe.
Bringing with us the spirit of meditation from India, the Pacha Mama community
started to embrace the shamanistic traditions of the American continent.
The „Red Road“ is teaching us to honor mother earth and all creation,
to love oneself and each other and live this precious life with simplicity,
gratitude and celebration.
Song and dance are very important ingredients on this path and we are drawing
a lot of goodness from their rich well of music.